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ACH Federal is an electronic payment processing company with a direct connection to the Federal Reserve through our relationships with U.S. financial banking institutions. We offer a highly secure, easy-to-use system for financial institutions and corporate clients alike. With proven industry experience and a team of AAP-certified professionals, ACH Federal offers flexible, cost-effective ACH services like payroll direct deposit and internet payment processing that help businesses become leaders within their industries.

ACH Federal was created based on three basic philosophies:

Dedication To Customer Service

ACH Federal’s commitment to excellent customer service is a key feature that sets it apart from other ACH processors. We understand that our success is based on your success, and we will do whatever it takes to exceed your requirements. ACH Federal has dedicated representatives available by phone, email, and online chat during business hours, so you’ll always have access to a live person.

Commitment To Simplicity

ACH Federal offers a wide variety of ACH processing services that allows customers to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and mitigate risks. We have used past experiences and issues to develop a system that is easy to use and understand. Our previous experience also provides us with the ability and desire to meet specific requirements for each of our customers. This customized service is offered to all customers, whether a small company, large corporation, or financial institution. Our ability and desire to provide specialized ACH services are what sets ACH Federal apart from others in the industry.

Use Of Innovative Technology

ACH Federal is an innovative company with a focus on providing its customers with reliable, secure, and cost-effective processing tools. Our online application is easy to use, allowing you to stay ahead with your ACH payment processing needs. Additionally, our direct link to the Federal Reserve Bank allows us to streamline payments for quicker processing.